Art & Grace Paint Night Review

A fun way to get creative!

By Miranda Gonzalez, the Mac Kid publisher for the Mansfield to Burleson area in North Texas February 24, 2020

My mom and I had been talking about going to a paint night for a while. I always see people posting about how much fun they have, and they are advertised all over my Facebook feed. I met Deb, the owner of Art & Grace, at the Mom Boss Sip 'N Shop and she told me about an upcoming paint night she was having, so I decided to take my mom. It was her "Galentine's Paint Party" event, and it was held at Grump's Burgers in Burleson.

When we got upstairs, everything was nicely set up. Each seat at the table had an easel with the canvas, paintbrushes, paint, napkins, and water cups for rinsing out the brushes between colors. She even was so thoughtful as to place boxes of wipes at each table, in case of a paint spill. She had also set out a bowl of candy. I'm not sure if that is just because it was a Galentine's party, but it was a sweet touch.

After everyone arrived and we were ready to get painting, Deb began explaining what we were going to be doing. She had a couple versions of the painting in different locations as well, so we could use them as reference. Most of us waited to hear the instructions. My mom, on the other hand, did not. She just rushed right in and started doing her own thing (which turned out very well, I must say!). Still, for those of us that like to listen (wink wink), Deb explained everything in a simple manner that was easy to understand.

As we were painting, Deb was walking around, helping out and giving tips and encouragement to make sure your painting turned out well. She really made it super easy to follow along and create our own special masterpieces. It was a fun, relaxing way to spend some time with my mom and get in touch with my creative side. I highly recommend trying out an Art & Grace Paint night! She even does birthday parties and special events if you want to plan something for yourself and some friends.

You can find out more information about Art & Grace by following her Facebook page. Hop over and give it a "Like" to find out about her upcoming events! And let her know that you read about her on Macaroni Kid.