10 Ways to Spring Into Fun: Outdoor Adventures with Your Kids

Worms, mud, bubbles, and more!

By Macaroni KID March 11, 2024

Spring! That magical time of year when nature decides to repaint the dull grays of winter with splashes of color. And for those of us with little humans, it's the perfect time of year to boot them outside for some good old-fashioned fun under the sun. So, let's shake off the cold-weather cobwebs, grab the kiddos by the hand, and head out for a spring adventure. Here are 10 ideas for outdoor fun with the kids to celebrate the season.

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1. Nature walk treasure hunt

Turn an everyday walk around the block into an exciting treasure hunt by giving the kids a list of items to find like budding flowers and flying insects. It's like Pokémon Go, but with real-life critters and plants. Arm them with a nature journal to document their wild finds because, hey, who doesn't love a bit of outdoor detective work? 

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2. Plant flowers

Planting flowers with kids is the perfect opportunity to teach them about nature, responsibility, and the unbridled joy of getting absolutely covered in dirt. Choose the most vibrant, impossible-to-kill flowers and let the kids go to town. They’ll learn about growth, and you’ll get a garden that's the envy of the block (or at least a good story). 

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3. DIY bird feeders

Whip up some bird feeders using good ol' pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed. It’s messy, it’s sticky, and it'll bring all the birds to your yard. Plus, it’s a chance to teach the kids about the birds and the bees, or at least the local bird species. 

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4. Picnic extravaganza

All kids love picnics, so declare a picnic day! Pack the most randomly assorted snacks in your pantry that never get eaten, throw down a blanket in the nearest patch of grass, and boom: instant adventure. Watch as your little ones marvel at the concept of eating outside as if it’s a groundbreaking experience.

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5. Build a fairy house

Legend has it that if you build a tiny house in your yard, you just might attract a fairy or gnome. Let your kids get creative building a fairy house in the backyard. Maybe, just maybe, a fairy will sprinkle some dust late one night so your kids know magic has arrived.

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6. Bubble madness

Because what spells spring better than a gazillion bubbles floating through the air? Whip up some homemade bubble solution and let the bubble-blowing (and popping) contest begin. It’s simple, it’s enchanting, and let's be honest, it’s not just the kids who love it.

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7. Do a rain dance

Spring showers bring the perfect excuse to get muddy and soaking wet without having mommy get mad at you. Gear up in raincoats and boots and head outside to dance, jump, and splash in puddles. It’s like a water park, but free. Though it comes with a significantly higher chance of muddy footprints in your hallway.

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8. Go on a worm hunt

After a good rain, go on a worm hunt. It's squishy, it's slimy, and oddly fascinating. Plus, it's a chance to teach kids about the importance of these little creatures to our ecosystem (or just to have a good, old-fashioned squirm-fest).

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9. Outdoor movie night

Who said screens were only for indoors? Set up a makeshift movie theater in your backyard with a sheet and a projector if you have one. It’s like going to the theater, but with the added thrill of mosquitoes. My husband and I have learned to do this in the spring because it still gets dark relatively early. Wait until August and it'll be after 9 before it's dark enough to push play.

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10. Backyard camping

When you’ve exhausted all other avenues of outdoor entertainment, pitch a tent in the backyard or just throw a bunch of blankets on the trampoline and have a camping night. It’s all the fun of camping, with the crucial ability to bail and go back inside to your own bed when it turns out everyone is really, really uncomfortable.

There you have it. Ten spring activities that are sure to entertain the kids and maybe, just maybe, tire them out enough to grant you a peaceful evening. Happy spring!